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Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.May the joy of this season gladden your heart.Supreme Ndubisi

Life today

My two cents on the Linda Ikeji – Sholaye Jeremi ish

The African society is one that is starving of accountability, so when someone decides to leave the ninety-nine behind and be that one who will be accountable even when no one is asking, we still find a way to castigate them without showing any brain power. First of all, just as Linda Ikeji has rightly… Continue reading My two cents on the Linda Ikeji – Sholaye Jeremi ish

Life today, shorty

Shorty on Foolishness

The word 'foolishness' is a pretty face to an ugly mind and body! It is a euphemistic representation of such an irritating concept, sounding so nice with a good grammatical structure, yet it describes something so shapeless, deadly and perpetually senile. Foolishness is not befitting of its name (but who will change it?) It graces… Continue reading Shorty on Foolishness